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➡️ Open and close doors silently with soft-close technology.

➡️ Supports custom panels for an integrated look in cabinets or stainless steel panels and handles to match other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products.

➡️ Control the temperature within one degree of the setpoint.

➡️ Ensure maximum freshness with low-temperature and high-humidity drawers for fresh and delicatessen foods.

➡️ Prevent cold air from escaping to ensure freshness with magnetic seals on the door.

➡️ Control brightness with softly lit LED lighting.

➡️ Wi-Fi-enabled features provide remote access from your mobile device.

Refrigerated Drawers

  • 24" Designer Series Refrigerator Drawers - Panel Compatible

    Formerly called “Integrated”

  • Brand:

    Overall dimensions: 

    Width 24 inches, Height 34 1/2 inches, Depth 24 inches.

    Refrigerator capacity: 

    4 cubic feet.

    Energy Star certified: 


    Star-K certified: 


    Annual energy consumption: 

    USD 30 (213 kWh).

    Electrical supply: 

    115 VAC, 60 Hz.

    Electrical service: 

    Dedicated 15-amp circuit.

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