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➡️ Wi-Fi Enabled: Customize and prepare your preferred beverage, save your favorite settings, and access exclusive features through the Home Connect® app, compatible with smart home devices and services like Amazon Alexa.

➡️ Easy Cleaning: Uses hot water and steam to automatically rinse during turn-on and turn-off, ensuring it's always ready for the next fresh and delicious drink.

➡️ Comprehensive Personalization: MyCoffee stores up to 8 personalized beverages by name, allowing family members to save their favorite drinks—from a single shot espresso to extra-large cappuccinos.

➡️ Ceramic Disk Grinding System: Enjoy a bean-to-cup experience with freshly ground coffee, consistent flavor, and smooth texture in every cup, thanks to Ceramic Disks that deliver quality performance over the lifetime of your appliance.

Coffee machine

  • Built-in Stainless Steel Coffee Machine: Consistent flavor and smooth texture in every cup.

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