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➡️ The Split Climate™ intelligent cooling system revolutionizes Sub-Zero's already excellent preservation capabilities, keeping food even fresher for a longer duration.

➡️ The ClearSight™ LED lighting system fully illuminates the interior and reduces shadows.

➡️ Elegant stainless steel accents adorn the interior, matching the sophistication of the exterior.

➡️ The touch control panel is conveniently located for easy access with just a tap of a finger.

➡️ Night Mode optimizes the interior lighting based on detected ambient light, reducing brightness by 90% in dark environments.

➡️ Lift the base of the flip-up dairy compartment to store taller items on the lower shelf.

➡️ Filtered ice, tasteless and odorless, ready instantly, and activate Max Ice Mode to temporarily increase ice production.

➡️ Adjustable height door bins can be placed in various positions to accommodate diverse items.

➡️ Wi-Fi-enabled for convenient remote access through the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App.

➡️ Stainless steel exterior and tubular or professional handles to match other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products.

➡️ Sub-Zero offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a full five-year sealed system warranty.

42" Classic Two Door Refrigerator/Freezer

SKU: CL4250S/S
  • Refrigerator Specifications:

    • 5 glass shelves in the refrigerator (4 adjustable; 1 fixed)
    • 4 vegetable drawers with removable dividers
    • 5 compartments in the refrigerator door (3 adjustable; 2 fixed)
    • 1 flip-up dairy compartment
    • Air purification system
    • LED lights in the refrigerator and freezer

    Freezer Specifications:

    • 4 shelves in the freezer (3 adjustable; 1 fixed)
    • 5 adjustable compartments in the door
    • 2 storage drawers
    • Ice drawer with automatic ice maker
    • Water filtration system
  • Brand:


    Overall Dimensions:

    42" W x 84" H x 24" D

    Refrigerator Capacity:

    16.0 cubic feet

    Freezer Capacity:

    8.8 cubic feet

    Annual Energy Consumption:

    $107 USD (762 kWh)


    3-prong grounding-type

    Electrical Supply:

    115 VAC, 60 Hz

    Electrical Service:

    Dedicated 15-amp circuit


    Stainless Steel

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